Do you know where the high power cables are on every hybrid or EV?

What about the locations of high-strength steel, airbags, or batteries?

If you answered no, we understand.

Keeping up with all the new models of hybrid and EV vehicles is a hassle. Your training likely only allowed you to practice on one or two vehicles (probably not a hybrid or EV), so we created a smartphone app to not only help you train for that moment, but in the field too.


Updated Database:

Extricate-Now! allows you to view all current Hybrid and EV model schematics. The schematics shows the locations of high power cables, batteries, electric motors, cut-off switches, high-strength steel, airbags and more.

Other Features

  • Database of gas models from 1990-2018
  • Draw cuts on diagrams (coming soon)
  • Colorblind options (coming soon)
  • Able to search by license plate (coming soon)

Don B.

Ret. Fire Chief

"I wish we had something like this years ago! It would have saved quite a bit of time. Even 30 seconds can make a difference."

How to get started



Simply install Extricate-Now! on your smartphone



Search from a database that includes Tesla, Porsche, Audi, Toyota, Chevrolet and more



View vehicle schematics that include the locations of power cables, batteries, airbags and more


FREE Version

Great for those who want to learn about each hybrid and EV make and model. 

  • Hybrid & EV schematics
  • Show cables, airbags & more
  • 5 day support via email
  • Pinch to zoom pictures
  • View on desktop, tablet & mobile

50+ Models

12 Makes, Year 2011+



For engineer teams, fire departments or anyone who wants advanced features.

  • Everything in the FREE tier plus...
  • Constant updates 
  • Gas, Hybrid & EV schematics
  • 1 day support

2,000+ Models

43 Makes, Year 2000+

$1.99/Mo. 6

Less than the price of a bagel per month.

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